Cooking with Edel: Cheesy Corned Beef

Canned goods are my life saver. Whenever I’m not in the mood to do some serious cooking, like I was tonight, I turn to canned goods for immediate relief. One of my faves is Purefoods Corned Beef. Compared to other corned beef brands, it has chunkier meat and the quality is better.


Normally, I just sauté corned beef with onions for some stir-fried goodness or add some potatoes and water for a saucy and filling corned beef dish. Earlier in the kitchen, though, instead of just sautéing it with onions, I added some syrup to help caramelize the onions (honey is better), some garlic, some fresh tomatoes and quickmelt cheese. It was based from a recipe featured in a blog post I saw somewhere (sorry, I can’t seem to locate the site now). I also added some black pepper and dried oregano, just before turning off the heat, for more flavor. No need to add salt anymore because the corned beef is already loaded with sodium and the cheese is already salty on its own.

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Meatless Meals Last Holy Week

While I didn’t fast during the Holy Week unlike our other Christian brothers, I made an effort to refrain from drinking alcohol and eating meat. And so did the hubby. Keeping ourselves away from alcohol was easy because we’re not really into drinking, in the first place. Keeping away from meat was another thing because we are self-confessed carnivores. It was a good thing we fully understood the significance of the atonement of Jesus. Thus, we had meatless meals on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

our meatless dinner on Maundy Thursday

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Pasta Craving on a Weekend

These days, weekends are the only time I get to experiment in the kitchen. Like yesterday when I whipped up a simple sardine pasta recipe.

my sardine pasta

This dish was inspired by my brother. It’s his favorite. I suddenly remembered him and thought about this pasta dish. I checked our pantry for ingredients and when I found what I needed, I started cooking immediately.

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