Money from Unused Leave Credits

Don’t you just love it when your diligence in reporting to work pays off? As employee, I love gaining leave credits and monetizing them when the right time comes. As much as possible, I avoid getting absences because it could only mean one thing: deduction in my leave credits. You can only see me out of the office in any one or a combination of these circumstances:

-I’m sick (the kind that gets me stuck on the bed for days)
-I’m dealing with an emergency that needs my undivided attention
-I have a very important meeting/event to attend
-I have to run errands for myself or for my family that can’t be done on a weekend
-I have a job interview *sheepish grin*

You see, I’m a good worker and I love my job so much that I always report to work even when I’m not feeling well, physically or emotionally speaking. I also do my best to report to work on time because in our office, tardiness is a sin. Well, not really. Haha. It’s just that the total minutes we’re late is deducted directly from our vacation leave credits. It’s definitely not a good thing, isn’t it?

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Forced Leave Friday

I am on a “forced leave” today. It’s a type of leave available in our office which is actually part of our vacation leave credits. I have not been forced to take this leave, though. I am on a forced leave today because I needed to do some errands for myself, for my family and for the boyfriend. Actually, the boyfriend took the day off with me. He’s that sweet. And dependable.

Our first stop was UST Hospital where I got my pap smear results. There were a lot of patients who came before me so the boyfriend and I had to wait for almost an hour to be accommodated by the doctor. We people-watched to kill time. We also talked about a lot of things so it ended up much like a bonding moment for us. The keen observer in me even noticed how UST Hospital continues to upgrade its facilities to better serve its growing clientele. The metal chairs provided for the patients waiting for their turn in the clinic were still in very good condition and the white-painted walls looked neat and clean. The marbled flooring was well-polished, too. I wonder if these would still be the case had they used laminate floors instead? I don’t think so because such type of flooring though more earth friendly sounds high-maintenance to me.

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Another Great Work Week

Work in the office has been little this week but I made sure to make the most of it. Productivity wise, I can say I have accomplished several things. Primarily of them is our office’s annual accomplishment report. No, it was not some tedious work that needed undivided attention. It has to be, but then, it helped that I made little preparations during the early part of this year. It also helped that my officemates were there to give me the data I needed to include in the report. Actually, I just collated the data, organized the information and gave some brief analysis. That’s the reason why I have finished it ahead of time.

Another thing that made the previous work week great is that we were finally allowed to file for monetization of our leave credits. It’s just 10 days but it still is money. And I need money at this point. My mom has been bugging me to buy her this cooling device for her Cavite home. This daughter is known for her obedience and heart when it comes to her family (ehem) and so, I might give in to her wish when my money arrives.

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