Our 10th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The hubby and I got married on March 17, 2012. It’s been 10 years since that life-changing day and look where we are now, we’re still deeply, madly in love with each other. Hahaha. Kidding aside, we just love each other to the extent that we continue to choose to be together in spite of and despite of. Our marriage is not a walk in the park but it continues to work and it continues to make us want to stay married, so I guess we’re doing just fine. When Pippo (our little angel in heaven) and NJ (our rainbow baby who’s a cheerful toddler now) came into our lives, our life together became happier and fuller. And we have God, our families, and friends to thank for that.

So, just like in our past wedding annivs, our 10th called for a celebration of sorts. The hubby and I took a leave from work for two days (March 17-18) and opted to go to the beach with baby NJ in tow. We were quite excited because it was her first time to experience the beach and we thought she would really have a wonderful time there (she did!). I initially wanted to book a room at this posh resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas but changed my mind when I checked out Klook and saw this promo at Palm Beach Resort (also in Laiya). I’ve been to Palm Beach for an office outing back in 2013 so I knew it was pretty decent. It was a good thing the hubby approved of my recommendation. Laking tipid kaya! Tapos hindi ko na iisipin ang kakainin namin dahil may full board meals dun. Winner! 🙂

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Weekend Story: 6th Wedding Anniversary Celebration (a.k.a. Our Palawan Trip)

The hubby and I both self-declared a long weekend last weekend. Justified naman because it was a milestone in our married life, hehe. March 17th, which fell on a Saturday this year, was our 6th wedding anniversary. So, we decided to spend it on a trip to a place we hadn’t been to yet. I suggested Puerto Princesa City (PPC) in Palawan and the hubby said yes in a jiffy. He said he wanted to experience the marvelous underground river tour the place is famous for. I, on the other hand, wanted the same and more.

So, I immediately booked our tickets and accommodation for a 4D3N vacation (March 15-18, 2018) at PPC which, we would later find out, is known as the “city in a forest.” We even had some company during the trip courtesy of Mame, my MIL, and my balikbayan aunt Laura. Gusto raw nila sumama, eh madali naman kami kausap, kaya go! Totoo naman pala talaga na maganda at malinis sa Puerto Princesa! Nakakatuwa at nakakamangha rin na napapaligiran ng mga puno at berdeng berde ang kapaligiran doon!

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On Wedding Anniversaries

Next month, the hubby and I will already be celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Oh, how time flies! I can still vividly remember the time when he proposed to me (in the most lousy and uncreative way ever, haha), when we were taking care of the wedding preparations, the wedding day itself, our honeymoon, our first few weeks as a married couple and so much more.

Why are wedding anniversaries celebrated, anyway? Of course, it’s a milestone for married couples. But more than being a milestone, for me it’s a sort of renewal of your marriage vows and affirmation of your love and commitment to each other. Wedding anniversaries need not be lavish or anything. It can always be celebrated quietly and modestly. The most important thing of all is you and your spouse know and recognize the real meaning behind it.

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10th Month

It’s our 10th month as husband and wife today. So far, so good. In our fairly short time as a married couple, the hubby and I have been through a lot already. With this, somehow I’m confident that we can overcome any challenge or obstacle that life may throw at us.


Two more months and it’s gonna be our first wedding anniversary! We’ve been blessed with a happy marriage, loving family, caring friends, stable jobs, and good health. We really can’t ask for more with the life we have now. We may have failed in our quest to build our own little family last year, but we still have this year and the coming ones to try again. In God’s time, our family dream will come true.

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Internal Arrangements

Now that I’m married, planning for Christmas and New Year celebrations is a must. As early as the day after our wedding, the hubby and I have already made “internal arrangements” as to where we would celebrate the two special occasions. Christmas would be with my side of the family while the New Year would be with his. Fair enough.

Things were different when I was still single. It’s a must that we stick together at home. When the hubby and I became a couple, I remember celebrating a few New Year’s with them. There was even one New Year celebration where they invited my family over. It was a fun celebration complete with parlor games, prizes, gifts, fireworks and of course, lots of food.

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4th Month

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that two persons deeply in love with each other make. True. It is, however, not just filled with love but with all other things that make the commitment more bearable and long lasting.

happy at four months!

The hubby and I are now on our fourth month as a married couple. What a short, short time, I must say. We have not proven anything solid yet, except for our willingness to stick with each other no matter what challenge or adversity this marriage brings us.

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