Hello, 2014!

I welcome 2014 with open arms. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more this year in all the aspects of my life. More in terms of learning new stuff, meeting new friends, gaining new experiences, reading more books, watching more movies, trying out new restaurants, spending more time with family and friends and appreciating life even more.

2013 has been a pretty good year for me. I felt very blessed and satisfied with almost everything. I want this year to be a more beautiful version of that year. The human being in me continues to aspire for something more. No contentment, you’ll say. But I actually feel content and it’s evident in the fact that I’m not setting new goals for this year.

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The Holy Week That Passed

Spent the Holy Week with my entire family in our Cavite home. We made the most of what we had. We talked, giggled, laughed out loud, went out, ate, played and prayed. We spent our time doing the simple things we love to do. We were so engrossed in our own little world that before we knew it, Holy Week was over and we (my brother D, my sister J and I) already had to go back to the city. It’s one home-bound vacation I will never forget.

Have you done the religious tradition called Visita Iglesia? I have, but I was just with the boyfriend and my sister J. Oooops, his mom joined us, too! But she only stayed until the 3rd church as she still had work at the restaurant. We’re a small group this year, unlike last year where we were a big bunch, with two kids to boot (the boyfriend’s twin cousins).

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