Meet my Mame

Forgive my sentimentality today. It’s because my mother’s birthday is fast-approaching. My mother’s name is Amparo but her friends call her Ampy. She’s the most loving and lovable person on earth for me. I love her to the moon and back. And I know she feels the same for me. She’ll be a year older on the 30th.

my mom and I

My mother and I share a special bond. It must be because I was an only child for a long time (my brother Danison was born when I was six years old) and my parents’ attention was all on me then. I have always been the favorite child. Or so I assume. Just kidding. Haha.

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday. She’s now 58 years old. A bit old, yes, but it doesn’t show. She’s still full of energy and laughter. There’s no dull moment with her around. She’s a natural clown and we love her to pieces.

my mom at 58

Mom, I know you don’t read my blog but I just want to feature you here because I appreciate your presence in my life all these years. You’ve been a source of strength and inspiration to me. I can’t imagine life without you. Every day I thank God for giving you into my life.

Soon you’ll gonna be a grandmother to my first baby na. I know you’re very excited about it. I’m confident that you’ll be a good Mamu to my baby. I thank you in advance.

Keep the youthful spirit alive, mom! I’m just here when you need me. I will never let you down like how you’ve never let me down, ever. My siblings and I will take care of you and dad when you grow older, and that’s a promise. Mwah! 🙂