Planning for Our Financial Future

I’m turning 31 years old in October. Still young, I guess, but not so young when it comes to investing. As they say, the earlier you invest, the better. I don’t regret it, though. I may have not invested early when it comes to assets of various kinds, but I have other “investments” in my life that are now bearing fruits.

You see, I used to be the breadwinner in our family. That was after my father lost his job in 1999. Actually, I fully became the breadwinner after landing my first job after college. I sent my three siblings to school and luckily for me, they were able to finish their studies one by one. They are my other “investments” that are now bearing fruits. And so today, we are working together to give our parents the good life that they deserve. But that’s another story for another time.

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On Sticking to One’s Budget

If there’s one thing I used to hate myself from doing, it’s my not sticking to the budget I set for myself. Whenever I’d overspend and lack funds to pay for my bills, I’d blame myself for not taking my finances seriously.

Fortunately, I’ve learned my lesson already. I now look at my finances in a more mature way. I make it a point to pay my bills on time and down to the last centavo. The good result? It saves me from headaches and panic attacks. Plus, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I get to pay my obligations and track my money well.

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Investing on Real Estate

Last weekend was quite bitin but still fun. We went home Friday night and left for Manila Sunday evening instead of the usual Monday morning. We just slept and ate and cuddled and the cycle just repeated itself. On Sunday afternoon, we attended the house blessing of our friend at a high-rise condominium in Makati.

These days, investing in real estate is popular whether it’s a town house, a single-detached house and lot or a condominium unit. That friend of ours, who works as an engineer in Japan, plans to have his two-unit condo rented to augment his monthly mortgage payment. Good idea, isn’t it?

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