Into Movies

Lately, I’ve been watching movies again. No, not in the cinema because that’s costly and I’m on a tight budget these days. Haha. I just watch movies online via streaming. When I have the chance and my siblings are cooperative, I ask them to download a few movies using torrent which I then transfer to my USB for viewing at home during the weekends.

I just watch a film or two in a day. I noticed that I’m gravitated towards 90’s movies. I dunno, it must be because I was just a teen when these movies were shown and there’s a big chance I haven’t seen most of them yet. Well, I really like old movies and the ones from the 90’s I consider old already. Older than that and I normally lose interest, unless of course it’s a classic and the plot is interesting enough.

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Goal No. 3: Watch 100 Movies this Year

I’ve been watching several movies (both old and new) in the past months. I didn’t know I’d enjoy it that much. Watching movies not only relaxes me, but it also broadens my horizons and makes me forget about my problems, albeit temporarily. I noticed that whenever I don’t have work at night, I’d choose from my list of ‘Movies to Watch’ and check if it’s available in my two favorite movie sites: and If that particular movie’s not available, I’d choose another title until I get to watch one. I’m that determined.

Movie watching as a pastime allows me to have ‘me time.’ It sets my mood. It calms my spirit and makes me inspired. I think ‘therapeutic’ is the more appropriate term. I also get a sense of fulfillment after watching a film which I personally chose and whose plot/theme piqued my curiosity and got me thinking. I mean, not all movies have that effect on me. My selection of movies may be limited but I am happy to note that they are all worth watching. Or so I think.

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