On Making Random Lists

I write a lot of random lists. I actually enjoy making them. List of things to buy in the supermarket, list of things to do at work, list of things I want to get for myself, list of movies I want to watch, list of dishes I want to try cooking at home, list of restaurants I want to try, list of books I want to read, list of new words or phrases I’ve read or heard from other people which I’d like to incorporate in my writing, etc, etc. These lists, no matter how shallow or deep they sound, are equally meaningful to me. They keep me sane. They also bring order into my life.

But just because I make these lists doesn’t mean I’m a super organized person nor a very disciplined one. These lists are just there to remind me of the things that matter to me. They also remind me about the things I look forward to doing, acquiring or simply having the chance to enjoy or appreciate from afar. These lists undergo constant editing, too, just like how my life keeps on evolving before my very eyes.

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