Weekend Story: Crocheting + Visit to the National Museum of the Philippines

Last weekend was relaxing and fun. The hubby and I missed going home in Bacoor due to some errands we had to do. He, for instance, had to attend his lone Saturday class in grad school. He was supposed to finish his master’s program last October but he encountered some problem with his thesis (a prototype). Now he still has to fix that and prepare for his thesis defense and hopefully, he’ll be able to graduate in March 2017. But I digress.

So yeah, we spent the entire weekend here in Manila. On Saturday, I went to Quiapo with Mame to buy some crochet supplies. I’ve finally had the time to learn crocheting with Mame as teacher. Boy, was she great! And I have to think I was a fast learner, too! Buhatan na ito ng sariling bangko, hahaha.

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Into Movies

Lately, I’ve been watching movies again. No, not in the cinema because that’s costly and I’m on a tight budget these days. Haha. I just watch movies online via streaming. When I have the chance and my siblings are cooperative, I ask them to download a few movies using torrent which I then transfer to my USB for viewing at home during the weekends.

I just watch a film or two in a day. I noticed that I’m gravitated towards 90’s movies. I dunno, it must be because I was just a teen when these movies were shown and there’s a big chance I haven’t seen most of them yet. Well, I really like old movies and the ones from the 90’s I consider old already. Older than that and I normally lose interest, unless of course it’s a classic and the plot is interesting enough.

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