Merry Christmas!

Christmas has finally arrived! I hope you are having a merry one. The hubby and I joined my family for Noche Buena last midnight and we just got back home from my parents’ place this morning.

On our way home, we saw lots of children dressed to the nines ready to pay their godparents a visit for their aguinaldo. I felt happy just looking at them. Oh what joy the Christmas spirit brings!

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New Stuff for Christmas

If you’re a Filipino like me, you grew up as a kid getting pamasko or aguinaldo (Christmas presents) from your parents, siblings, relatives, godparents and family friends. It could be in the form of material gifts or just plain cash (which I preferred and still prefer up to this day!).

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t just rely on anyone for new stuff whenever the Christmas season arrives. While I appreciate receiving gifts from family and friends, I also buy myself Christmas presents. It’s like my reward to myself for all the hard work I’ve done this year. The gift could be expensive or not, so long as it’s the one I really want. To give you an example, I almost purchase this yoga pillow at yogadirect had I not suddenly realized I’m not yet into yoga. Haha.

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