On Typhoons and Canned Goods

Heavy rains and floods brought by typhoons are so common here in the Philippines. These weather disturbances happen almost all-year round and so the best way to deal with them is to be prepared. When we finally moved to Bacoor in March right after our wedding, we made sure to reinforce our roof so it could withstand the typhoons. Haha.

We also made sure to buy lots of canned goods so that during heavy rains when a trip to the wet market or supermarket is impossible, we’d have something to eat. Last Saturday, heavy rains prevented us from going to the neighborhood market to buy fresh produce. The wife in me improvised on our meals with the help of canned goods. You see, it’s so easy to prepare them you don’t need to browse through RapidsWholesale.com for catering equipment. All you need is a can opener, some spices and a set of pans and you have instant meals to warm your chilly body and those of the entire family.

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