Garage Sale

I like the idea of garage sales. It allows people to dispose, reuse and recycle things. It’s true that for some people, some things already serve as “clutter” or “excess” due to disorganization and overabundance. For other people, though, these could be part of their basics and essentials.

I’ve bought stuff from garage sales in the past and they became very useful to me. Looking at our tiny home last weekend, I was amazed by how much stuff we’ve accumulated in the past months after we tied the knot. They continue to grow, too. I would like to do a garage sale someday so I could sell at very reasonable prices those that we don’t desire or need anymore.

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Book Review: An A-Z Guide for a Green Chef by Annie Pascual-Guerrero

I got this book from my boss. As soon as she finished reading it, she immediately thought of giving it away to us. No one in the office wanted it, so I took it. I’d like to think our boss was just being generous (she always is). But I also couldn’t shake the thought that maybe, she just wanted more people to know about the wealth of knowledge found in the book. Whatever her reason was, I’m glad she shared this book with me.


Annie Pascual-Guerrero is the founder of Center for Culinary Arts, the pioneer culinary school in the Philippines. Aside from being a culinary expert, she is also an environmentalist. Her book titled “An A-Z Guide for a Green Chef” teaches chefs and non-chefs alike on how to go green in the kitchen. I liked how she sounded in the book because you could really feel her staunch advocacy on the preservation of the environment which, according to her, starts in the kitchen (at home or in commercial/industrial ones).

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