My Monthly Income Distribution in 2016

I only started saving money more seriously in 2014. It was also around that time when I started investing in the stock market. Back then, I created this MS Excel file that I would update religiously. (I actually use it to this day!) I took advantage of Excel’s autosum feature as a way of adding up the money I got to save every month. I made several tables and filled it with relevant items and figures. I felt happy and accomplished because at the end of each passing year up to December 2016, I saw my savings grew dramatically from how it was prior to 2014.

My monthly income distribution, or how I divide my income to provide for my needs and that of my family, is pretty simple. Take note that this “income” refers only to the salary I receive from my job as a rank-and-file government employee. It doesn’t include the hubby’s as we manage our respective salaries and pay for our marital expenses on a shared basis. He still pays more than I do, like he solely takes care of our house and lot amortization, which is something I appreciate about him.

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Saving Dilemma

I seriously need some saving tips. This year has been one of the most expensive years of my life, money-wise. I’ve spent more than what I planned on spending and I haven’t been able to save up the right amount of money I wanted to keep for the rainy days.

But all of this isn’t entirely my fault. Circumstances tested my finances and suddenly, everything went beyond my control. If there’s one thing I’d like to do for next year, that is to save, save and save. And I’m influencing the hubby to do the same for our joint finances.

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Some Practical Household Tips

I just called MERALCO hotline 16211 and found out I have no bills to pay them for the month of March for our Cavite household. This happened because my parents (who are the current occupants there) have been staying with us here in Manila for more than a month now. They were supposed to stay here until after my brother’s birthday (February 23rd) only but they ended up staying longer than planned.

I can’t overemphasize the beauty and the advantages of living together as a family. Economically speaking, this translates to lesser expenses because we get to share meals, home supplies, and utilities. But this isn’t our normal setup and sooner or later, my parents will go back to where they like to live better, they’re humble Cavite abode.

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