Review: Shakey’s PCM App

One random night last week, the hubby was craving for pizza. He then called up Shakey’s delivery and after less than an hour, received two boxes of hand-tossed pizza at a buy one, take one promo using his Shakey’s Supercard.

Just the other night, it was me who was craving for pizza naman. It was a good thing that I learned about the Shakey’s PCM app. (PCM stands for pizza, chicken and mojos.) Instead of dialing Shakey’s delivery hotline and talking to a real person to place my order, I used the app to order my pizza. It’s quite easy to use. I just keyed in my Supercard number (the hubby’s, actually), chose your pizza/chicken/mojos, proceeded to checkout and sent my order via 3G (wifi is okay, too). After a few minutes, I received a call from a Shakey’s crew confirming my order and informing me how long the delivery would take. You see, they have this policy that if you received your pizza late, it’s free. I didn’t experience getting free pizza, though, because my order arrived on time. I guess luck wasn’t on my side then. Haha.

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