Weekend Story: Paseo de Sta. Rosa and Nuvali-Solenad with Friends

Last weekend was fun and a bit exhausting. On Saturday afternoon, the hubby and I met with his thesis consultant again and after that, we picked up our good friend Carmela from her house and we all drove to our Bacoor home. The next day, Sunday, we heard mass at St. John Bosco Church in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna before meeting up with my superfriend Nice at the nearby Paseo de Sta. Rosa. It was Carmela’s first time there and so we were quite excited to show her around. We explored the place and did some shopping and after an hour or so, we transferred to Nuvali-Solenad complex for more strolling (and shopping, you bet!). While I had no intention to shop, I ended up getting a few things from this trip. Ang hirap pag may kasamang nag-prepare talagang magshopping doon (hello hubby and superfriend Nice!), hahaha.

Here are photos from the weekend pasyal of the Tropang Ramen:

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Hand-Me-Down Shoes

Used goods that are passed on to family or friends for free are called hand-me-downs. Aside from showing generosity, I think we give out hand-me-down stuff to avoid wastage of things that could still be useful to other people.

I have given out used things before and will continue to do so with my excess, may it be clothing, accessories or household items. I have also experienced receiving hand-me-downs from relatives and friends. When I was a kid living in the province, for instance, I’d get pre-loved clothes from my cousins living in Manila every summer. Yes, every summer vacation, they’d visit us and give me hand-me-downs (that were still in mint condition!) to my childish delight.

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On Hope and Shoes

I see hope everywhere. I maybe pessimistic, but it doesn’t mean I give up easily. I know when there is still hope left in something. Like my shoes, for instance. I was doing some cleaning at home yesterday when I spotted my dusty shoe rack. After a little inspection, I found out that I had four pairs of shoes that needed repair. Since I had spare money, I decided to take them to our trusty shoe repairman and save ‘em shoes from impending destruction.

I sent the shoes to the neighborhood repair shop just before we heard the morning mass. While the two shoes needed stitching of the soles, the other two had broken heels that needed to be replaced. When the shoes were done, they were sent to our house and I paid a total of P300 for the entire batch. Pricey? Not really. Shoe repair shops in malls charge way higher for the same services.

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