A Shopping Ban before Christmas

It’s the first day of September and here in Manila, the start of the -ber months only means one thing – Christmas Season! You see, we have one of the longest (if not the longest) Christmas celebrations in the world, and proud of it. As early as now, I want to save up as much money as I can to prepare for another fun and meaningful Christmas with my family and loved ones. To make sure I would be able to do this, I have decided to impose something upon myself. I’ll be on a shopping ban until November 30. Yes, that’s right.

By shopping ban, I mean keeping myself from buying any material thing for myself (gadgets, clothes, accessories, and the likes) until the date I specified. The exception here is the little shopping (for pasalubongs) I am doing in my upcoming trip abroad. My determination and discipline will now be officially put to the test. This will literally translate to keeping myself away from the cash drawer of my fave shops (I always try to pay in cash, you know). For sure, it’s gonna be a tough challenge for me. So help me God.

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