Weekend Story: More Bonding Time with My In-Laws

Last weekend was spent with my in-laws in Bacoor. We arrived there on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon also. On our way to Bacoor, we stopped at S&R to have a late lunch and buy some supplies. We heard mass on Sunday morning. During the rest of the weekend, we were just lazing around, marathoning movies and TV series, eating a balance mix of junk food and home-cooked meals prepared by my MIL, and getting lots of sleep. I love slow weekends!
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Weekend Story: SIL’s Visit + Neil’s Kitchen in Alabang

My one and only SIL Albie joined us last weekend in Bacoor. She said she wanted to try this resto in Alabang famous for its gourmet food. I knew she was referring to Neil’s Kitchen and because the hubby and I wanted to try it also, we agreed to spend the weekend together.

We drove home in Bacoor on Saturday afternoon right after having lunch at The Patio, the new restaurant of La Cocina de Tita Moning (LCDTM). As the name suggests, it’s located at the patio area of the property where LCDTM stands. It’s actually the affordable version of LCDTM catering to students and yuppies around the area.

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