Weekend Story: Simple Things + Quick Visit to Our Naic Home

Last weekend was a-okay. I spent my time with the hubby and my family next door. I cooked some delicious meals, cut my nails, took long showers, finished a long overdue task (a.k.a. mending up a ripped throw pillow cover), went to the wet market with Mame, folded and ironed some clothes (the hubby took care of the laundry, as usual), watched a bit of Netflix, and enjoyed siesta time for two straight days. It was quite refreshing, actually, having done all those things. So simple, yet so productive and good for the soul.

On Sunday, the hubby and I, along with my brother Dan drove to our Naic home to pick up some stuff there. This is in preparation for the time when we have it rented out, which hopefully, happens sooner than later because we need money for the monthly amortization of my family’s new Bacoor home.

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Weekend Story: Home After a While

As early as Friday night, the hubby and I were already in our marital home in Bacoor to spend the weekend there. Instead of using our own car, we brought my FIL’s car so the hubby could have it cleaned thoroughly (he said it’s called auto detailing) by his suking car wash shop. (It took them two days to finish cleaning the car.) Given the (car) situation, we decided to just stay home and slow down.

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