Lazy Thursday

My Thursdays are usually productive and fun. Today, though, things seem to be pretty normal. And slow. I have some work to do in the office but it’s not enough to keep me in a busy mode all day. So I tried to jumpstart my day by eating a hearty breakfast courtesy of the food vendors at the side of St. Jude Shrine. They put up a mini market there every Thursday because this day is known to be St. Jude Day and tons of devotees flock to the shrine to worship. Aside from food, they sell other stuff like clothing, porcelains, plastic wares, TV antennas, second hand mobile phones, home cell boosters, plants and even pets!

I had a turon (banana roll), a lumpiang prito (vegetable roll) and some kwek-kwek (a popular street food of quail eggs wrapped individually in an orange-y batter). I also got some mini-baguette sandwiches from the office pantry to complete my meal. I washed down everything with two glasses of water. After that, I opened my PC and started blogging finishing some office tasks.

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The Holy Week That Passed

Spent the Holy Week with my entire family in our Cavite home. We made the most of what we had. We talked, giggled, laughed out loud, went out, ate, played and prayed. We spent our time doing the simple things we love to do. We were so engrossed in our own little world that before we knew it, Holy Week was over and we (my brother D, my sister J and I) already had to go back to the city. It’s one home-bound vacation I will never forget.

Have you done the religious tradition called Visita Iglesia? I have, but I was just with the boyfriend and my sister J. Oooops, his mom joined us, too! But she only stayed until the 3rd church as she still had work at the restaurant. We’re a small group this year, unlike last year where we were a big bunch, with two kids to boot (the boyfriend’s twin cousins).

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