Weekend Story: More Christmas Shopping (Divisoria, S&R, and Greenhills)

Last weekend was terrific. I joined family members in doing more shopping for Christmas. Time to share our blessings with more people dear to us!

On Saturday, I was with Mame and my cousin Jun to buy some Christmas presents at Divisoria. Our feet got soaked in the rain getting in and out of 168 Mall but the trip (and the shopping) was worth it.

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A Necklace Business

I have this list of dreams in an Excel file kept inside my PC which I update whenever I think of a new dream I want for myself. One of the dreams I have the pleasure of keeping alive in my heart and mind is putting up a necklace business. This is known only to a few but I have a penchant for necklaces. I love wearing them and I love making them, too. Yes, I can make my own necklace made from scratch or from recycled materials.

Actually, I already have a name for my necklace business but I won’t tell anybody just yet. Clue: it’s a secret name derived from a brand of headphones. Haha. Soon I will make my necklace business dream come true. I will sell different kinds of necklaces, from bead necklaces to stainless steel necklaces, from those made from conventional design pieces to those created from indigenous materials. I will make them all and change the world of fashion with my necklaces.

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