Joint Birthday Celebration, Individual Birthday Gifts

The fiancee and I were done with our birthday trip. We’re glad it turned out to be so much fun. What made it extra special was the fact that it was our first international travel. Now what comes next, at least for me, is the joint birthday celebration of yours truly, my younger sister N and our dad. He’s celebrating his birthday on the 30th and we plan to just eat out somewhere in Makati along with the fiancee’s family on the same day.

I also want to buy presents for my sister and my dad, but I’m still undecided what to give them. My sister N wants a new phone but I can’t afford that at present. Besides, I’m still gonna pay for her capital share for the try-out business she’s starting with her classmates (school requirement). If she were about to get married, a set of wedding night lingerie would be perfect. But she’s still single and currently has no BF yet so that’s out of the question. Perhaps, some fashionable clothes will do?

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