Weekend Story: More Rest and Family Time

Last weekend was ordinary but fun. The hubby and I spent it resting and bonding with our extended families at home. I think we only went out to go to church and the supermarket and to dine out because my sister Nyam wanted to treat us to dinner and coffee (who are we to decline, right?). I love weekends like this that don’t require a lot of thinking and planning. Busy weekends are okay with me, too, as long as I’m doing things with the people I love.

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Weekend Story: New Foodie Discoveries + Cooking Experiments

Last weekend started early and felt longer than usual. The hubby and I had dinner with our Cebu-based friends on Friday night in Alabang and we went home in Bacoor right after.

I had two new foodie discoveries in Alabang: Kulinarya Experience or KXP (where our group had dinner) and Café Seol Hwa (where we had coffee and desserts). Both are located at Commerce Center. They don’t just serve good food, but they also have fast service.

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