Midnight Mercato with Friends

It’s been a while since the last time I went to Midnight Mercato at The Fort. This awesome foodie place has been in existence for more than a year now (if I’m not mistaken) and yet it still continues to attract patrons, mostly yuppies and families. Last night, I went there with the hubby, my SIL and my two good friends and we had a nice food trip!

our group

Let me tell you a secret. In the many times that I’ve been to Midnight Mercato, I only order the same stuff. Like, seriously. I get this flavored fried rice that sells for less than 100 bucks a cup, some mild-spicy Manang’s Chicken wings (this one tastes better than Bon Chon’s in my opinion!), a bottle of Edgy’s refreshing dalandan juice and a slice of red velvet or carrot cake. That’s it. All yum. And affordable, too.

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No Dieting for me this Christmas

It seems there’s no stopping me from eating well this holiday season. I can already feel it. The urge to eat and be merry is very strong. I’ve decided to not go against the flow and instead, embrace the glutton in me. Haha. Kidding aside, I’ve decided to not be conscious about eating until the holidays are over.

My pigging out started last Friday before, during and after our office Christmas party. There were just so many yummy treats in the office (mostly pastries and chocolates which were gifts to our boss that she happily shared with us!) that ignoring them would’ve been both a pity and a loss. The party itself was overflowing with food and drinks, too. And when I got home, I just had to have a midnight snack after watching the replay of my fave TV series online.

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