The First Half of the Year Update

It’s been a while, friends. So many things are happening in my personal life all at the same time. Busy would be an understatement. But it’s still all good in the ‘hood, as they say. Always thankful, always grateful to the one above who gives me life every day and to the people who make living this life meaningful and worthwhile.

So, what makes me busy these days? Work and motherhood, mostly. Oh, and how time really flies! Our baby NJ is now a preschooler! (Guess I need to practice omitting the “baby” after her name now.) She joined a summer camp last month and started attending summer class last Monday. Here’s one great thing we discovered: she loves going to school! So far, we’ve never had a hard time waking her up to prepare her for school. She even hates the thought of arriving late and making her teachers and classmates wait (oh, it rhymes!). Haha.

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Working Momma

My mom has always been a homemaker. When she and my dad got married in 1984, she stayed in the house and took care of their home and children. Yes, we had a one-income household which was quite okay for a family of six like ours back then.

My mom has had a few jobs when she was still single, though. Given that, she really knows how it feels to work and earn money. She’s in her late 50’s now but is still very active and young-looking (according to her). During the past three years, she’s been privileged to do part-time work at her friend’s flower shop every Valentine’s Day. We didn’t really force her to work there, though. It’s just that she enjoys doing it and she can’t say no to her friend. The money she earns from it goes straight to her “shopping funds.” Haha.

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