Weekend Story: Anticipated Mass, North Park, Starbucks Card and Lotsa Sleep

We had another house guest last long weekend. It’s none other than my one and only brother Danison. I love it when I get to enjoy some quality time with my family. So I really made sure my brother and I would have a great time together. And we did! But of course, I had to make sure also the hubby was well-taken care of. All in all, I had two boys to take care of and I think I did just fine.

On our way home to Bacoor on Saturday afternoon (after Edwin’s classes have finished), we went to the Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life located at Mall of Asia complex for the 5:30p.m. anticipated mass. It was my first time there and I liked how spacious and solemn the place was.

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Happy, For Real

They say happiness is a choice and I totally agree. If we choose to be happy, being happy and staying happy become easy. There really is no such thing as an easy or perfect life. But it is very possible to have a happy life, one that’s filled with positivity and strengthened by faith.

I noticed that in the past months, I have chosen to be happy. Some problems may have arisen but I chose to be happy still. I guess being with the hubby who is happiness personified helped a lot. And having a great support system (that is my family!) made everything manageable for me.

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Senior Citizen Benefits

My mother turned 60 years old last July 30th. A few days after her birthday, we gathered all her important documents (birth certificate and valid ID are a must!) and she applied for a senior citizen card. With the help of our kind barangay chairman who filed her application on her behalf, she was able to get her card in just two days!

my happy mom

Mame was very ecstatic upon receiving her senior citizen ID. I accompanied her to SM Manila to have it laminated. Then, she used it right away when we had lunch at some fast food resto there. Haha. Talk about being excited!

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Weekend Story: House Guest, Red Velvet Cake, Thai Resto and Unexpected New Stuff

We had a house guest last weekend. It was my mareng Josh. We’ve been friends for a few years and share the distinction of being the godmother to the daughter of one of my bestfriends. It was actually that bestfriend of mine who introduced us to each other. Josh and I always chat on FB and one time while talking about home improvement projects, I decided to invite her for an overnight stay at our Bacoor home.

As expected from two talkative people, we did a lot of chatting. I’m really shy in person but once I get along with someone, I usually never run out of stories to tell. Haha. Aside from chatting (and laughing of course!), we ate a lot and took advantage of the hubby’s LTE pocket Wi-Fi. I was also in the mood to bake then so I made her a red velvet cake which we had for merienda.

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