Weekend Story: Work and Some Family Fun

Last weekend saw the hubby and me staying put in Manila. We weren’t able to go home in Bacoor because I had work half of Saturday and he joined an out-of-town bike ride on Sunday. The rest of our weekend was spent with family. My goal was to stick to my weekend budget but I ended up spending way more than it. I need to do some offsetting soon! Kaso naalala ko, birthday na pala ng angel son namin this week. The following week and the next, birthday naman namin ni hubby. More gastos coming soon pala, my gosh! Haha.

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Weekend Story: Antipolo Road Trip with Family (Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine, Mom’s Pot Restaurant, and Pinto Art Museum)

Last weekend was super fun. The hubby and I had a quiet time in Bacoor from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. By Saturday night, we were already back in Manila to spend the rest of the weekend with our two families. On Sunday, we embarked on a road trip to Antipolo. We had three stops which kept us preoccupied all throughout the trip. We were exhausted at the end of the day but we had loads of fun. It was definitely another family bonding to remember!

It was my PILs who really wanted to go to Antipolo and hear mass at the Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine. I was the one who suggested to expand our itinerary. Good thing they agreed to my idea and so the lunch at Mom’s Pot Restaurant and the visit to Pinto Art Museum materialized.

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Weekend Story: 3S’s (Sweet, Simple, and Special)

Our last long weekend can be described in 3S’s: sweet, simple, and special. Mame and my sister Jodie joined the hubby and me in Bacoor. They were not without plans. Jodie, for instance, had asked me to accompany her in getting a formal suit. She plans to give her “dream job” a shot and I’m fully supporting her. Mame, on the other hand, just wanted to bond with her eldest child and her favorite son-in-law. Haha.

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Sometimes, you plan something and it doesn’t push thru. Sometimes, you give yourself a timeline and you don’t get to follow it. Sometimes, you imagine yourself winning on something only to get defeated in the end. Sometimes, shit happens. Never lose faith!

Sometimes, you do your best only to get a less than satisfactory outcome. Sometimes, you think you’re strong enough only to find yourself feeling weak and helpless. Sometimes, you get surprised by the unexpected.

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