Weekend Story: Slow Saturday, Crafty Sunday

I love weekends. Whenever it’s a weekend, I feel like I’m on vacation. I actually like how flexible weekends can be. You can do just about everything without following any list, order or schedule. Like last weekend, for instance, when I just kind of slowed down and rested a lot.

On Saturday, I was at my siblings’ place and spent the whole afternoon with my family. Everybody was there except for my sister Nyam who has work on Saturdays (poor her!). My family and I never run out of stories to share with one another. Whenever I visit them, I feel like a celebrity because they would fight for my attention. I’m the only one married (yet) among my siblings so they don’t see me that often and that’s why they miss me all the time. Haha.

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Weekend Story: Starbucks Tambays and Meralco S.O.S.

Last weekend was kind of fun and sad at the same time. Fun because the hubby and I got to stay at our marital home in Bacoor for the weekend and bond over simple activities. Sad because there was still no power in our house due to the fallen electric post in our street. There are only four houses affected (which means the rest of the village has power already!) and unfortunately, ours is one of them.

the source of our little agony at present

We also went to Starbucks twice (thus, the title of this post) because the hubby was studying for a school report. He said he wanted a quiet place to study and thought Starbucks was the perfect choice. When did Starbucks become a quiet place? And to think it’s a mall branch that we visited and people there were all over the place. Oh well, he’s crazy like that. Haha.

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On Keeping a Routine

Do you follow a certain routine? I do. And I just realized having one has helped me become more productive and organized over the years. But it doesn’t mean I don’t get lazy sometimes because I do. More often than not, though, I get to do my tasks and finished most of them even ahead of time. I used to do a lot of cramming during my college days but I’m a changed woman now. Or so I believe. Haha.

I have a certain routine that I follow during weekdays, which involves many tasks from my current job. I also have a different routine on weekends when I’m a wife more than anything else. Anyway, below are what I think are the benefits of keeping a routine:

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