Goodbye, Braces!

After a few years of wearing braces, I finally got rid of them yesterday. Wohooo!

dyaraaaaaaaan, haha

It was a long, crazy journey. I had two dentists. The first one had too many patients (and her clinic was far from my place) that I felt the need to switch to the second one and stuck with him until my teeth became okay. Not 100% okay, actually, because my right canine moved too much inward when I got pregnant and so the second dentist and I had a tough time getting it back to its old position. It didn’t get back to normal but at least it didn’t look as ugly as before.

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Holy Week 2014

We had a simple but fun and meaningful Holy Week break. The hubby and I were joined by my two siblings Jodie and Son at home in Bacoor. But we went to Cavite only after we finished the traditional Visita Iglesia in Manila. We visited a total of seven churches, as usual.

my energetic mom joined us during the Visita Iglesia

On Good Friday, we just stayed at home the entire morning and early afternoon. I baked a chocolate cake out of boredom and it turned out so good. We ate it after every meal until the very last slice was eaten up.

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The Last Graduate

The last remaining student in the family will be graduating soon. It’s on May 13th, to be exact. The entire family is beaming with pride. Indeed, we are proud of Jodie, our bunso who is graduating with a degree in Bachelor in Banking and Finance from a state university. We’re also glad that all four of us siblings in the family have already finished college. Our parents have finally fulfilled their dream of giving us the best gift they could give us — education.

Anyway, Jodie’s journey to graduation wasn’t an easy one. For one, she was a working student (though it wasn’t forced on her). She really made use of her time wisely so she could earn money while studying. Her patience and faith were also tested during her final semester where she had to complete her graduation requirements before getting into the list of candidates for graduation. She was lacking her form 137-a, of all documents! I didn’t know what happened there but it must be the result of some kind of negligence from either the university, the high school or my sister herself.

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Short Hair for Summer

I had my hair cut last Saturday. I found it quite a challenge to wear my hair long in this kind of heat so I chose a short hair style for myself. It was a good decision. Now I feel better than ever. Haha.

summer ‘do

Volume kung volume, diba? I plan to get a rebond or a straightening treatment (as my past rebond treatments didn’t have a lasting impact on my hair) soon so pardon the waves for now. Actually, a friend said bagay naman the waves. Let’s see if my mind will change because of that compliment.

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