Weekend Story: Carmona-GMA Road Trip and X-Men: Apocalypse in 3D

Last weekend was busy and fun. The hubby and I went on an impromptu road trip to buy some bike parts in Carmona and visit a friend in GMA (both places are in Cavite). We also watched the latest X-Men film in 3D at SM Manila. The rest of our time saw us doing household chores and taking some rest at home in Bacoor.

On Saturday, I intentionally skipped biking to sleep longer and continue reading this book on good manners for those “nice people” who sometimes say f*ck. Basically, it teaches how to behave well in public and deal with rude behavior in everyday life. I’ve been enjoying the read so far and I hope to finish it soon.

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Weekend Story: Quiet Family Time + Evia Lifestyle Center

Weekends are for family and friends. In our case, it’s been more with family in the past months. Families are forever, after all. And they’re one of the very few constant entities in our ever-changing world. Last weekend was spent with family as Mame and my younger sister Jodie joined us in Bacoor.

On Saturday morning, the hubby biked at Mall of Asia while I did a 10km combination of running, jogging, and brisk walking in our ‘hood. As much as I missed staying late in bed, I couldn’t allow myself to put on more weight. A gain of 10 lbs. in just a span of two months is unjustifiable. I need to lose weight for health and vanity reasons! :P

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Weekend Story: Mother’s Day Celebration + National Elections 2016

Last weekend was great. Mame, my brother Dan, and my sister Nyam joined the hubby and I in our Bacoor home. We drove there on Saturday night and went back to Manila on Monday morning for the national elections.

The hubby and I had an impromptu Captain America movie date on Saturday noon. He said he wanted to treat me because it’s Mother’s Day the next day. Para matuwa raw ang aming angel son Pippo sa kanya. Haha. In fairness, we enjoyed our time together.

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The Thrill of Buying Things Using Money You Haven’t Received Yet

Some family members are still having a hard time managing their finances. As much as I would like to help them, only they can help themselves. If they will continue sabotaging their budgets and keep a maluho lifestyle, nothing in their financial life will change for the better. One of their money practices is buying things using money they haven’t received yet. Is there really a thrill from such kind of acquisition? Apparently, there is!

The idea that you can have the thing you’ve been wanting to have in advance by borrowing money from someone. The thought that you can buy the merchandise you’ve been planning to get earlier than schedule because somebody is willing to lend you money. The realization that you can get the things you want because you have some money coming soon and there are people that can lend you money right now. There’s a thrill there at some point, right?

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