Weekend Story: Bonding with My Mom and My Sister

Last weekend was all about family bonding. My mom and my sister Jodie suddenly decided to join the hubby and I in Bacoor. I told them we didn’t have any plans (read: we’d just stay at home) and they said they were fine with it. I really didn’t want to go out; I just wanted to rest after having had a bout with cold and cough recently.

We reached Bacoor on Saturday afternoon. We were supposed to attend the 7PM anticipated mass at St. Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susana Parish in Alabang but just when we were about to hit the road, it rained real hard. Mag-iisang oras na, umuulan pa rin. Kaloka. Ang ending, na-miss namin ang mass!

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Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. III

One year ago today, I opened an account with COL Financial and never looked back. I put money into my account whenever possible. It wasn’t on a regular basis, but I made sure to reach a certain amount before I celebrate my first year as a direct stock market investor. What do you know, I did it!

Somehow, I feel quite accomplished and empowered knowing that I have started taking the journey to financial freedom. I am still far from it, perhaps several years far, but my inner self tells me I’ll get there one day. And so I continue to believe in and work to realize my goal.

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Weekend Story: La Cocina Food Tasting + Bacoor Staycation + Yakimix with Family

Long weekends are supposed to be relished. Our calendar only has a handful of them and so normally, people make plans to spend them well. I guess the hubby and I are not one of those people. Sometimes we have a plan, other times we don’t. Last long weekend, we didn’t have any. We just went with the flow. Of course, it was a given to go to Bacoor for a staycation (which we always enjoy!).

On Friday, we woke up late in Manila. Ay, ako lang pala yun. Haha. Anyway, the rest of the day turned out to be fun. In the afternoon, at around 4PM, we got an invite from La Cocina de Tita Moning to a food tasting of their new offerings.

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Weekend Story: Simple Treats

Last weekend was all about simple treats. I made up for the down time last weekend (when I got sick with cold and cough) and treated myself to some little cravings. These were food and things. I was happy and content and now I’m blogging about it.

The hubby and I drove to Bacoor on Saturday afternoon, a few hours after his classes in grad school. We dropped by S&R Aseana-Baclaran to have some snacks. Choosing what to get for me was a no-brainer. I had been craving for their ice cream in my fave flavor and so I got a cup of it. I also indulged in a muffin. Solved!

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