Dealing with a Neat Freak Boyfriend

The boyfriend is one neat freak guy. He wants everything in his room (and in his life, I guess) tidy. I have been used to this but sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why some people can be like that. In the early years of our relationship, our fights usually revolved on that aspect of his personality. Perhaps, its because I’m his opposite. I can live in a messy room and work in a messy work place. He can never do both.

The boyfriend’s room is always neat and clean. His clothes are neatly folded in his wooden closet. His billing statements are neatly arranged inside shoe boxes. His laptop stays in one spot only, and beside this are his two mobile phones and other gadgets. His flash drives and keys are always in a pouch. His iPhone 4 cable even has a cable cover! He’s that organized.

There are times when I would mimic his ways and he’d laugh at me because he knows that no matter what I do, I cannot be like him. I’m too lazy to be as organized with my things as he is. I guess he just have to live with that, especially if he has plans of marrying this no neat freak gal. 😛

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4 Replies to “Dealing with a Neat Freak Boyfriend”

  1. Amen to that! Me too, I wish to be neat and organized, but laziness always gets the better of me and my neatness and organization do not last long. Maybe a day. A week or two later, I have to renew it, ‘coz my room’s gone to a messy state again. Oh well, I suppose we’re just doomed to be like this. ;-D

      1. hahaha.. i love this blog! ^^ i guess i’ll make my own website too 🙂 you inspired me. lololol i wanna make a blog everyday 🙂 but *LAZINESS gets the better of me too*! :)) (i copied Marikoy’s expression xD)

        1. haha. go ahead and start your own blog. you’d get lazy updating it at times but sooner or later you’ll have to write something and connect with your readers, no matter how few they may be (like mine). 🙂

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