One Month of No Work

One month of no work in the fine dining restaurant where I work part-time, that is. As I understand, we’re having major renovations done in the different areas of the ancestral house. I think this has a lot to do with our boss’s plan to keep the business for many years to come. I see this as a good news for it could only mean one thing for all of us working there — a more stable employment.

Definitely, each repair in the restaurant has a reason. The improvements in the kitchen, for instance, are being undertaken so that we could elevate our food standards. We want to serve only the freshest and the yummiest Filipino and Spanish specialties to our growing clientele. I can’t wait to see the new look of the establishment which I have come to love through the years.

One month of no work in the restaurant has advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that I can have time for other productive things I have long wanted to do and the disadvantage is that my monthly budget is gonna be slightly affected. To give you an idea, the job pays for my credit card bills and provides extra for the daily allowance of my siblings. Without the money from the job for a month, I can see myself getting funds from my savings account. Not a good thing but given the situation at present, I’ll have no other choice but to resort to it.

Right, it’s time for me to do some belt tightening and tell my brother D to stop lusting over an xbox kinect for now. Since he’s working again and contributes to the household expenses, he also needs to watch his spending.

Some of the productive things I’d like to focus on while I don’t have a part-time job to attend to include reading books, doing DIY projects,  trying out new restaurants, finishing my backlog blog posts, and spending more time with my family here in Manila and in Cavite. How about losing weight through running? Why not?!

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