New San Miguel Beer Flavors: Apple and Lemon

During dinner one chilly night, the fiancee introduced me to the two new flavors of San Miguel Beer: lemon and apple. I am guessing these are their match to GSM’s Antonov Apple Vodka and Asia Brewery’s Tanduay Ice Alcomix (a new favorite of mine!) that are fairly new in the market.


Between the two, I like the San Miguel Beer Lemon Flavor more. It’s super light and easy to drink. The lemon flavor is just right, too. I like that it doesn’t overpower the distinctive malt flavor of the beer. With just 3% alcohol, this one won’t give anyone a hangover.


If you like apple in your drink, then you might enjoy the Apple flavor. I don’t like it that much because I find the taste weird, it’s like I’m drinking malt-flavored C2 Apple. Haha. When the fiancee gave me a bottle of this, I had to return around 3/4 of the content to him because I couldn’t finish it. I dunno with you, but I really like the Lemon Flavor better. 🙂

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