A Moment with a Law Student

I met up with my high school classmate and friend A at McDonald’s Mendiola for some bonding time last night. If I’m not mistaken, the last time we saw each other was two years ago. She’s busy with law school and I’m preoccupied with many things (too many to mention, haha). It was a short but sweet meeting, we talked and laughed a lot. We also learned a lot of updates on each other.

A is now on her third year in law school and during most of our talk, she bombarded me with horror stories about a law student’s life. It’s ironic because she was also quite persistent in convincing me to walk the same path. That’s mainly because both of us, including our other friend L, wrote “lawyer” as our ambition in our high school yearbook. Funny, noh? Haha.

Our friend L was the first to fulfill this lawyer thing. She took the bar exams last year and is now waiting for the results slated to be released next month. Among the three of us, I’m the one that’s being left behind (but for good reasons, I believe). A and L are really pushing me to go to law school but at this point, I’m still undecided. The thought has been brewing in my head, but I really don’t know yet. We’ll see in the coming months. 🙂

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