Daddy and Baby Bonding

My pregnancy is getting more and more exciting each day. To give you an update, our baby is now making its small presence felt inside my womb. It now makes small kicks and pokes me from inside the amniotic sac where it develops and grows.

I couldn’t describe the joy I had the first time I felt our baby moved. It was a great feeling, something that I will treasure forever. These days, the hubby is getting its fair share of our baby’s precious movements, too. In fact, he now has a schedule for their daddy-and-baby bonding. As early as now, I can already imagine them having a great time tickling each other if our baby’s a girl. Or playing with a duncan raptor yoyo together at the playground near our house if it’s a boy.

Oooops, my baby just moved! Yeah, right. I guess it has sensed that I was talking about him/her in this blog. Smart baby. Haha. 🙂

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