Family Pets

People have their own preference when it comes to pets that they take care at home. When I was a child, I remember we had this family pet (she was a girl puppy named Snoopy) but she died only after a few days. We never got the chance to raise a new pet after that.

The hubby’s family has had several dogs at home already. What they do is they raise one after another, one at a time. If I remember correctly, they’ve taken care of four female half-breed dogs (Sparski, Sabina, Natasha and Ondoy) since the time the hubby and I became lovers. Their current family pet is Ondoy (they got her during the onset of the destructive typhoon, hence, the name); the three others have long been in dog heaven.

Ondoy is an adorable dog. Her color is mostly white with patches of black and brown around the face area. She loves to play with us and never fails to welcome us when we go home from work. My FIL is quite generous to her. He buys her dog food regularly and new dog leash and collar set once in a while. She’s really one lucky dog.

Do you also have a family pet? What is it like? 🙂

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