Monday’s Randomness

Here are some random lists to jumpstart my week, mostly pregnancy-related so please bear with me:

Things I want to buy:
-popsicle molders
-Delimondo corned beef
-maternity pillow

Things I want to do:
-eat at Burgoo again
-eat at North Park again

Food I want to cook personally:
-Korean style chicken wings
-corned beef fried rice

Food I crave to eat:
-anything fried rice
-Chinese food
-Korean bibimbap
-fresh green mangoes
-fried eggplant (with soy sauce and calamansi dip!)

Pregnancy complaints, so far:
-butt ache, if there’s such a thing!

Pregnancy-related things I wish for myself:
-natural, unmedicated birth
-a healthy and normal baby BOY!
-no swelling of legs, ankles and feet (a.k.a. edema)
-that my feet won’t get bigger in size
-that I don’t get sick while pregnant (uh-oh, I think I’ve a cold!)

Care to share yours? 🙂

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