What to Cook for Breakfast?

I dunno with you but breakfast doesn’t really excite me. I prefer sleeping for long hours and waking up late, especially if the next day is a weekend. My first meal of the day is usually brunch or lunch. But when I got married, weekends automatically included preparing breakfast for the hubby. I made a deal request with him, though. I told him his brekky would be ready no earlier than 9:00 .am. Glad he accepted!

So far, my breakfast ideas are limited to these combos:

1. different kinds of silogs (for the non-Pinoys out there, it’s basically a fried meat or sausage, garlic fried rice and sunny side-up egg meal)
2. pancakes + fresh milk or juice (I would have liked to add bacon there but it’s freakin’ expensive in this part of the world!)
3. pasta
4. steamed rice or my special Chinese fried rice + leftover viand
5. sandwiches + hot chocolate

See how limited my breakfast ideas is? Any tips? 🙂

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