Suprises from Old and New

Peeking into my old closet last night when I visited my siblings’ place, I found some old clothes that still fit me (now that I’m preggy and big!) and some others that I could definitely fit into after my baby bump is gone. I was surprised by how much clothes I’ve accumulated all these years and how most of them I haven’t been able to use for a long time.

While looking for my work shoes this morning under our bed, I saw some shopping bags that had shoe boxes inside. I opened one and was surprised to see two brand new pair of shoes that I already forgot I had bought before. I opened another one and saw a pair of knee braces that the hubby bought during those times when he was still using his motorcycle frequently. I texted him about it and he was also surprised he had them. Now he plans to give them away to his motorcycle-rider cousin.

Old and new surprises are part of life. Admit it or not, we tend to keep on looking for things that we already have. We also tend to keep on accumulating things that we don’t usually have immediate use for. The thought of acquiring things pleases us, not to mention gives us a sense of fulfillment. I guess it’s one of the things that make us truly human, and we can’t do anything about it yet. So yeah, I say enjoy it while it lasts. After all, little surprises are always a good thing every now and then. 🙂

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