Routinary, But Never Boring

The past weekend has been quiet for us. We were stuck at home doing the usual stuff. Yes, we got to visit the mall but only to pay bills and get fresh supplies.

While the hubby was busy doing the laundry and cleaning the house, I labored myself in the kitchen (cooking diva ang peg!). The hubby and I, we love to share household chores. It really doesn’t have to be always equal, though, as you can see he does most of the work. Haha.

Our weekends may be routinary but they are never boring. We always learn new things about ourselves, our marriage, and life in general. Sometimes, all you need to do is spend quality time with your partner to be happy. And that, as long as everything is okay, there’s nothing to worry about. :)

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2 Responses to Routinary, But Never Boring

  1. eLLa (r) says:

    Everyday is a new day. It may seem routinary, but it’s actually not. =)

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