Minor Accident

During a visit to a theme park last Saturday with his co-workers and some friends, my brother had an accident and broke his left arm. The whole family was worried sick about him. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and his fracture was secured by a cast.

He went to an orthopedist yesterday and after a thorough check-up, the doctor found out the fracture wasn’t that bad. The cast was removed and he went home just wearing a sling to protect his broken arm. Whew, what a relief!

I’ve always seen myself as a strong person but things like this leave me weak and anxious. My only consolation is that I know how to manage my feelings. After a certain time, I can clear my mind and focus on the situation. But still, dear Lord, no more untoward incidents in the future that involve anyone from my family, please. 🙂

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4 Replies to “Minor Accident”

    1. First fracture nya. Yung dati nya, surgery naman kasi nabiyak yung paa nya, accident sa CR. Hay naku, pasaway na bata, ayaw kasi pumirmi sa bahay…

      1. Okay lang naman maglakwatsa pero super ingat dapat ang katakot-takot na dasal. Nung bata kami pinapasuot kami ni mama ng Miraculous Medal, for protection daw yon. Try nya para to keep him away from accidents.

        1. Yep, meron din ako friend before meron sya palagi sa bulsa na miraculous medal. Effective nga daw! Medyo lapitin nga ang brother ko na yan sa disgrasya. Ironically, that doesn’t stop him from making gala talaga. My mom prays all the time for his safety. Lalo na ngayon. 🙂

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