What’s the Big Deal with 18?

The boyfriend and I are like other normal, young couples today who celebrate this thing called ‘monthsary.’ Ours falls on the 18th and that’s the reason why it’s a big deal. We’re not overly romantic, though, so each monthsary is different. Sometimes we go out and watch a movie, other times we just have dinner and do some window shopping at the mall.

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For this month, we decided to have dinner at Yellow Cab just stay home. Actually, it will just be him as I’ll be going straight to the restaurant tonight (my part-time work). We have some guests and as usual, the tour-guide is needed.

, today is my officemate’s birthday. I don’t think she’d want me to reveal her real age on this blog so I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Happy monthsary to the boyfriend and happy birthday Ate Vic!

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  1. oh my! i forgot to greet yobs last august 23; t’was our 6th monthsary. it’s ok, he didn’t greet me, too, ’cause he’s not that mindful of dates. i remember him telling me, don’t count the length of our being together, we just have to enjoy each moment. aaawww… *kilig*

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