WordPress Comment Section Error

Have you ever encountered problems with the comment section of your blog? Like when someone tried to comment on it and cannot do so. This morning I was alerted by a friend that she experienced comment error while trying to comment to one of my posts. The error message was foreign-sounding, “Mogelijke spamactie tegen gehouden. Ga terug.” I got alarmed and so when I got home, I opened my blog and checked what could be the problem. After a little research, I figured out what to do. I just disabled the spam plugin I installed in my blog a long time ago. It worked!

I don’t know much about html and codes but when emergencies do happen, I turn to the internet for support. Actually, I always do it every time I need to find answers to something. It could be as trivial as knowing the first movie of Leonardo di Caprio (my Hollywood crush!) to more serious stuff such as finding out how to get rid of belly fat (I’m trying to lose weight, remember?). So yeah, my life is somehow dependent to the internet. How cool is that? Haha. Seriously, the internet contains a wealth of information and we should always take advantage of it.

I’m all for learning new things. Are you?

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