Dealing with Failures

I’m not so sure but I think I’ve blogged about this thing before. Dealing with failures seems hard but as you look into yourself deeply, you will realize that you can live with it. You can live with failing on things that matter once, twice and even most of the time. That’s the beauty of life. You can start over and over again, so long as you know where to and you have the strength, attitude and faith.

The only thing that blocks our acceptance of failure is pride. I don’t know with you, but that’s how it goes with me. Whenever I commit myself to something, like a goal for instance, I give it my best shot and pray hard for it. I also visualize myself on the victorious side and create a scene in my head where the people who love me are happy with the good news while those who don’t are in pain knowing I have succeeded.

When the time comes that I achieve that specific goal, I rejoice and feel grateful to the one above. If it’s the opposite, I become sad for a while and ponder on where I have fallen short. After that comes acceptance. I accept the fact that I lost in the battle. I accept the fact that there was somebody better than me. Or that there was something amiss and that’s the reason things didn’t go the way I wanted it.

I thought about failures because I just experienced one yesterday. I have to admit I felt sad and hurt for a while. But after calming my mind, talking with family and friends and hearing their reassuring words, I realized there’s really nothing to feel bad about.

Opportunities come and go. If I didn’t get it this time, I would get it at another time, in a different form and in a different manner. As they say, if a door closes, a window opens. I’ll just wait for the window to open and from there, I would plan my next move.

Actually, I have a Plan B already. And I’m very excited to work on it.

Wish me luck, pals!

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