My Organizational Skills

Recently, I have noticed that I tend to forget about things. For example, I’m about to do something and then after a minute I’d totally forget about it. To correct this problem, I have made it a habit to write things down and set an alarm on my phone. It has proven to be effective.

I have also noticed that I tend to get excited over things, especially when they are creative and innovative in nature. It’s a different case when something would allow me to make money…I get uber excited! Haha. To balance things out, I list them down and make plans. Yes, I love making plans and brainstorming on how I could execute them well.

I am glad that as I age, my organizational skills have been continuously evolving and improving. Though I have become more forgetful than before (perhaps due to a lot of stuff going on in my head), I make up for it by making sure I write everything on paper and keeping a schedule in my mobile calendar. I also make sure to make plans and keep this ‘monitoring sheet’ of the things I’m dealing with at present.

You can say I’m a busy person and I have a lot on my hands, but I deal with all of them one at a time. Focus, drive and discipline, I believe these are keys to keeping my organization skills sharp at all times. It also helps that we value time. If we know how to use time wisely, then we can do more productive things in a very organized manner.

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