Air 21’s Personalized Service

I am starting to like Air 21’s shipping service. They’re quite efficient and deliver on time. Recently, I’ve been receiving some packages from friends shipped via Air 21. I guess it’s the way they do their service that satisfies me as a client.


First, I get an SMS notifying me of my package’s arrival. A tracking number is provided. There is also a date indicated in the text as well as a customer service hotline to call for any concerns I might have. Another text arrives reminding me about my package and requesting my presence or that of my authorized representative to receive it. After I have received the package, I get another SMS reporting that my package has arrived and the name of the person who actually received it.

Isn’t their service so efficient and personalized? I mean, they actually report each turn of event for your information. Unlike other local shipping companies where you have to take the initiative of getting updates on your package by using some tracking engine on their website, they communicate with their clients on a personal level thru SMS. For me, that’s a big deal.

I am saying all this as receiver and not as a sender, though. I have yet to try shipping a package to someone via Air 21. Hopefully, I could experience this soon so I could share about my experience as a sender next time. 🙂

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