Free Bone Scan from Anlene

Anlene is a popular milk brand catering primarily to women who are pregnant or are already in their advancing years. When mom and I did some grocery shopping yesterday at SM Manila, we chanced upon their booth offering free bone scan while promoting their products. They brought a bone scan machine with them along with a medical technician to operate it. We just had to avail of the free bone scan and so we joined the queue and we were done in no time.


Guess what, mom had a low risk result while I was categorized under medium risk! How come she had stronger bones than mine considering our age gap? My mom howled with laughter after learning about my bone scan result. Soon enough I was laughing with her, too. Maybe, this has something to do with my dieting. I lack many important nutrients because of the limited food portions. I better start adding more calcium to my diet now. As for mom, she promised to lessen her coffee intake as we found out caffeine helps increase one’s risk level of getting osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Watch out for the Anlene booth in the supermarket you frequent and avail of the free bone scan if possible. Just because we should be conscious about our health at all times. 🙂

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  1. will anlene still schedule free bone scanning anytime this year (october to december)? if so, can i have the date and place? thank you very much…

    1. I just accidentally learned about the free bone scan when I dropped by the supermarket. I don’t have the schedule, sorry. 🙂

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