Some Thoughts on Foot Care

If there’s one part of my body that gets neglected the most, it would be my feet. I’m one of those girls who weren’t born with a pair of beautiful feet. To be honest, I have wide and ugly feet. It’s the kind that could really turn off a person at first sight. I have always believed that I have ugly feet and that’s the reason why I don’t take extra effort to care for them.

Actually, my “foot care” is limited to washing my feet to keep them clean and smell-free. Yes, it’s as basic as that. I don’t even get a regular pedicure. That should give you an idea of how unattractive my feet are (pedicured or not) and how I get conscious every time I’m showing off my feet (my toes, specifically) or just a glimpse of it in public.

While getting new nail polishes for my mom at Watsons last week, I saw one of the shelves there devoted entirely to foot care. It has everything from colorful nail polishes to DIY foot spa products. I spent a few minutes there just staring at the various foot care products on display. I imagined myself using them at the comforts of my home and suddenly felt an urge to pamper my feet. I also realized how I have neglected my feet all these years and that it shouldn’t be the case anymore.

In short, I had a change of heart. Now I feel so inspired to take care of my feet and give it the attention it deserves. Yes, that’s even if I have wide and ugly feet.

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