The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay

I just learned about The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay thru a blog which I happened to come across while blog hopping one random weekday. The photos of the place that the blogger took were beautifully shot and somehow, it made me believe that the place was just as beautiful in real life.


Since the fiancé and I we’re going to spend this weekend in Tagaytay (at the beautiful and serene Las Ventanas to be exact), I asked him to have lunch at The Cliffhouse. We arrived here at past 11:00 a.m. this morning and immediately I took some snapshots for posterity’s sake. My first impression of the place? It was definitely lovelier in the flesh than in photos! It had a great view of the famous Taal Lake and housed a solitary hotel plus several restaurants such as Cafe Platito (where we had our lunch), Firelake Grill, Cafe Breton and Buon Giorno, among others.


I liked it that The Cliffhouse wasn’t too crowded yet and its garden landscape was well-maintained. I noticed that most of the people who visit here come from the upper A and B market. At one moment, I even saw a group of foreigners (all girls) who looked rich. They wore nice clothes and steve madden shoes (okay, I admit I can be a keen observer sometimes!).


Location wise, The Cliffhouse is very accessible. It’s along Aguinaldo Highway and stands beside RSM Restaurant and Yellow Cab. Parking fee is P100 (too expensive!) but you can get it for free when you dine in one of the restaurants.

I wanna visit The Cliffhouse again and try the other restaurants there. Perhaps, the Italian restaurant Buon Giorno? 🙂

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