What’s with the Number 7?

I’ve always liked the number 7. It’s actually my most favorite number. I love how it looks: not too straight nor too twisted. It has just the right angles and lines. It looks very feminine but with lots of strength and vitality to me. From afar, it resembles a sexy but very confident woman. Up close and personal, it’s a real charmer. But I digress.

The beauty of number 7 lies in the fact that it marks a milestone in my romantic relationship. The fiancee and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary as couple last October 18. We were on our way home to Manila that time, back from our pleasurable 4D 3N KL and SG trip. Despite the lack of celebration, the day turned out to be special for us.

And who says you can only celebrate a particular occasion on the date itself? We actually has a plan. We’re going to Tagaytay this weekend for a thanksgiving celebration and some R&R. I booked the hotel prior to our trip abroad. Thanks to my fave Groupon site because I scouted a really great deal at less than 2k. Now this is what makes us look forward to the coming weekend!

Seven years of togetherness, of loving each other, of caring for each other, of nurturing each other, of accepting each other’s flaws, of getting along with each other’s families, of living harmoniously as couple, of treating each other as lover, bestfriend and partner, of standing by each other’s side in times of trouble and need, of believing in each other, of strengthening our faith in God, and of wishing for stability and harmony in all aspects of our relationship in the years to come.

Our 7th anniversary is just the beginning of something big happening next year. The fiancee and I can’t be more thankful, optimistic and excited about it. 🙂

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  1. Same here! I started to like number seven when I was on grade 4. Kahit bagsak ang grades ko na naguumpisa sa siete or palakol kung tawagin, favorite ko p rin ang seven kahit walang explanation basta nagustuhan ko lang.

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