Loving Divisoria Night Market

I have always been a Divisoria girl. I simply love the bargain items sold there in overwhelming proportions. I don’t care about the crowd, the chaos, the noise and the filthiness anymore. So long as my wallet is safe and there is 24-hour transportation service, I’m good.

Last night was Divisoria night for my brother and me. We went there specifically for the night market. I only wanted to buy new bed sheets for our new bed but ended up taking home new stuff for myself as well. I bought a new bag, a new top, a new pair of shoes and some accessories. I also bought my brother some new shirts just so he’d stop bugging me. Haha. Can you believe I spent just a little over P1,000 for all of those items?

Divisoria night market is the place to go if you want bargain items. It has just about everything, from clothes and accessories to children’s toys and home decors. Shopping here is always fun for us. We’d walk from one stall to another until we have encircled the entire market area. Then we’d start buying stuff, and this is where I put my haggling skills to good use.

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Have you been to the Divisoria Night Market? What are your favorite bargain items there? ­čÖé

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