Weekend Round-Up

It’s Monday already and yet I’m still on weekend mode. Why do weekends come and go so fast? I always feel like I don’t get to do as much things as I’d like to do during weekends. Like last weekend, for instance.

On Saturday, I was joined by the fiancee and his parents to visit my parents in Cavite and pay for the door and window screens we had installed. Goodbye house flies and mosquitoes, now you can no longer get inside our house! *insert evil laugh here*

Sunday was quite hectic. I was supposed to go out and meet with my two high school friends but I ended up working at the restaurant. No regrets, though, because I’m always well-paid (and well-fed) there. Haha. When I got home at 11 p.m., I cleaned up my closet before hitting the bed and calling it a day.

Haaaaaay, I dunno with you but it’s Monday already and yet I’m still on weekend mode. 🙂

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