Greek Blue

I have always been fascinated with the color greek blue. It looks fresh, bright, vintage, earthy and natural. The white and greek blue theme is commonly seen in many Greek communities, particularly in Santorini. Some people even prefer saying Santorini blue instead of greek blue.

My fascination with greek blue has brought me to painting our kitchen cabinets with this exact, same color. Our kitchen cabinets are still being made. We’re still waiting for the tiles on our sink area to dry up. This is where the cabinets will be hung. I’m so excited to see the end result. Greek blue cabinets, marble-like peach tiles and white walls sound like the perfect color theme to me! At least, for our humble kitchen.

I’m quite lazy uploading photos now. To know how greek blue looks like, GMG! As in, Google Mo, Girl! 🙂

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