Life Sans Internet

I can’t imagine life without internet connection. (I once wrote a poem about my internet addiction.) Sure, life would still be liveable but things would never be the same again without the internet. Like just the other day when the internet connection in our office suddenly acted up. I felt sad. I felt useless. Why would I not feel that way if everything I had to do on my PC needed the help of the internet?

I’ve never wanted a super fast internet connection. I just want a stable and reliable one. A big chunk of my work in the office relies to the internet to produce good output. My blogging depends highly on the internet for maintenance, promotion and exposure. Okay, that’s enough drama. Haha.

Seriously, I consider internet surfing as a pastime, a way to relax my mind. I get tons of valuable information from various sources in the internet. I couldn’t just get all these things from a single source but the internet makes it all possible for me every single day.

What do you think about life sans internet?