Seeing Good Results from my IPL Underarm Treatments at Power Peel Clinic

This post is long overdue, but anyway, better late than never. I had my second and third IPL session at Power Peel Clinic on Panay Avenue on Jan. 7 and 21, respectively. The sessions were two weeks apart, as instructed by the clinic. My goal was still the same: to get rid of my underarm hair.

During my first IPL session at Power Peel Clinic, I experienced some hair fall a few days after the treatment. Some parts of my underarms became hairless already but I could still see some chicken skin which was the product of my plucking history ages ago (I guess IPL doesn’t cure that, haha). I didn’t shave until the day of my second session which was in the morning of Jan. 7. Take note that I only shaved the segments with hair; I intentionally didn’t touch the already hairless parts for fear that the hair would grow again. Makes sense, right?

During my second session, my right underarm got 35 hits from the laser device while the left got only 22. I’d like to believe the attendant primarily target the areas with hair and the intensity by which they should be treated is based on the paper that contains my personal progress report. Sounds right.

On my third session, I got 22 hits per underarm. I asked the attendant why the hits vary and she replied that it’s the energy of the laser that matters most and not the hits per se. Right, that’s it. Or something to that effect. Anyway, she said that for my third session, the energy of the laser had been increased. It was higher than the first and second sessions. I believed her.

Right now, my underarms have very little hair already. I noticed that hair growth on most parts has really slowed down, with the tallest hair at just 0.5 cm. My fourth session is scheduled this Saturday and my plan is to not shave at all prior to the treatment. This way, I could find out if the hair growth would already stop for good or not.

So far, I’m seeing good results from my IPL laser underarm hair removal treatments at Power Peel Clinic. If I get to achieve my goal of hairless underarms soon, I’d be forever grateful to them.

Now excuse me as I look up sony tvs online. My brother wants a new telly this year for the apartment. 🙂

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